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The Hebrides is one of the most cost-effective locations in the UK for contact centres, jobs dispersal and e-working projects.

In terms of costs, the islands can offer substantial savings over city centre or urban locations.

While it is easy to understand that property would be much less costly it is the combination of other factors which makes the case overwhelming. One of the highest costs in the industry is the constant training of new recruits to replace staff lost through churn. In the Hebrides staff turnover is low and the people are highly educated. If you then consider financial assistance packages for training staff for new jobs, and grants towards infrastructure and capital costs, you have a combination of business benefits with which any Financial Director or Chief Executive will be truly impressed.

Business Benefits
  • A highly educated workforce
  • Low cost, high spec properties
  • Business & development support
  • Extensive e-working experience
  • Low staff turnover
  • Quality local IT training

Digitally equipped, high-tech office developments are competitively priced and operating costs are nowhere near as high as in urban areas.

Specific training can be arranged and in many cases Work Global can work with your company to direct you to local sources of financial assistance for training, equipment and software.

Staff turnover is exceptionally low, dramatically reducing training and recruitment costs. Access a highly educated freelance or contract workforce with specialist skills in subjects ranging from word processing to web design and local graduates from the University of the Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute and the Cisco Regional Academy offer advanced ICT knowledge.