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The new home for your business


Any company or organisation thinking about locating an operation in the Hebrides should recognise that this is a location that offers so much more than a competitive advantage.

Life here is different.

It combines a secure family environment with access to one of the most spectacular natural environments in the world.

It combines high education standards - the islands have one of the highest numbers of graduates per capita in the UK - with a real sense of community and tradition.


It combines millennia of history with a vibrant, modern and unique culture.

And it combines a first class health service with high quality homes at affordable prices.

You can live well in the Hebrides - and for many decision-makers that's what finally leads them to an extraordinary solution. They begin by looking for bottom line business benefits and then they find them all together in one of the safest and most beautiful locations on the planet.

The Outer Hebrides. Expect the unexpected. Think different. Live local. Work global.