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iomart Group plc Confirms Commercial Launch of ADSL Service

iomart Media Release - 2000-05-03

Telco to roll out 24:7 ADSL access

Telco to roll out 24:7 ADSL access

LONDON and GLASGOW (July 3, 2000) - iomart Group plc ( is pleased to announce the full commercial launch of its high speed unmetered ADSL service for business and home internet users. The new internet connection method enables standard analogue phone lines to simultaneously carry both data and voice message at speeds between 10 and 40 times faster than existing dial up modems.

iomart has been one of the few successful ISPs trialing ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) along with BT. It will now roll out the service to both the business and consumer markets via its iomart B2b channel and its residential consumer brand ( iomart plans to quickly develop further ADSL based applications for the business market, including VoIP combined with the company's growing integrated web hosting services. iomart are particularly well placed in this regard having no legacy leased line revenue to worry about - a major advantage over traditional infrastructure based telcos.

Commenting on the announcement, Angus MacSween, Chief Executive Officer of iomart Group plc, said: "The launch of iomart Group plc's ADSL service underscores our aim to become one of the top players in delivering this new generation of telecommunications and internet services.

"With our world class infrastructure we are extremely well placed to offer a first class ADSL service to our customers as well as lever new business off the strength of this offering. ADSL will quickly shift the internet out of first gear and into overdrive with the vast array of possibilities it throws up."

The iomart ADSL service offers a permanent 24 hour internet connection at a fixed monthly price without incurring usage based connection or call charges. Faster and more reliable than any modem or ISDN connection, the ADSL product enables users to make voice calls, receive real time e-mails and be online at the same time.

iomart launches its ADSL offering following extensive trials with a number of its Madasafish members across the UK. Madasafish was one of only 11 ISPs taking part in the BT-run ADSL trials.

For business users, the iomart ADSL service gains them -

  • cost effective permanent internet access without the expense of a leased line
  • improved productivity, efficiency and greater budgetary control
  • real time email
  • top quality service and faster, more resilient download and access times.

The greatest consumer benefits of the ADSL product are -

  • unmetered 24:7 internet access
  • a fixed Internet Protocol address, denoting the user's 'always on' internet presence
  • and no missed telephone calls while online

iomart Group plc Technical Director, Dr Neil Finlayson added: "ADSL releases far greater potential to exploit the web as a business platform than at present. The much faster connection speeds and bandwidth, achieved through the use of existing analogue telecoms technology, presents an opportunity to implement applications and uses of the internet that were the stuff of dreams less than five years ago."

The first iomart Group ADSL installations are expected to commence in August.