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Iomart invests in SC2200 Signalling Controller from Cisco Systems

iomart Press Release - 2000-09-08

Iomart invests in SC2200 Signalling Controller from Cisco Systems

Iomart invests in SC2200 Signalling Controller from Cisco Systems

Iomart, the London and Glasgow based Internet services company, has agreed to purchase Cisco Systems' SC2200 Signalling Controller. Iomart will be using the SC2200 to interconnect directly to the PSTN (public switched telephone network) using SS7 - the industry standard signalling protocol used to manage telephone calls and other traffic on the PSTN.

The Cisco SC2200, which features programmable protocol support for 25 SS7 variants on five continents, allows Iomart to use SS7 signalling to terminate dial access traffic, as well as pass call control information and generate call detail records.

Bill Dobbie, Iomart's Managing Director, said: "We are determined to maintain our network at world class level and Cisco is the only company capable of delivering a workable solution for terminating Internet traffic without Iomart having to invest in costly carrier class switches".

The Cisco SC2200 is an intelligent internetworking solution that provides an SS7 interface for Cisco network access servers including the AS5300, AS5800 and the Cisco AccessPath. SS7 interfaces on the Cisco SC2200 allow carriers to provide dial offload, wholesale dial services, dialup VPNs, and Internet access while interconnecting as a carrier. This allows them and to scale cost effectively - benefits usually associated with carrier-level interconnect.

Iomart intend to go live with the Cisco SC2200 in Q2 2000.

Iomart are a Cisco Powered Network accredited partner. This accreditation is only awarded to Service Providers who maintain high levels of network quality by building their services end-to-end with Cisco equipment.