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iomart Remedy For IT Staff Crisis - ThinkMail

iomart Media Release - 2001-01-16

Finding staff with the appropriate skills will continue to be a top priority for IT directors as there are few signs of a let up in the IT staff shortage crisis.

Finding staff with the appropriate skills will continue to be a top priority for IT directors as there are few signs of a let up in the IT staff shortage crisis.

Taken together with the fundamental shift towards e-commerce, lack of trained IT staff is likely to remain a primary concern for IT departments in both the private and public sector for some time, says telecoms and internet services company, iomart Group plc (

But part of the answer in alleviating the workload of overstretched IT departments is now on the horizon with iomart's rolling out of ThinkMail, the UK's first outsourced large-scale email hosting platform.

In collaboration with American multinational, Sendmail, Glasgow and London based iomart are ready to tap into an as yet unexploited market in this country for secure outsourced email.

Targeting the SMEs as well as the legal, accountancy, utility, government and public sectors, iomart's email platform, ThinkMail is poised to become a key plank in the IT set up of any organisation whose email traffic contains sensitive or confidential information.

The good news for IT departments is that outsourcing their email requirements to iomart will free up sorely stretched human resources to concentrate on core business functions.

Explains iomart's Director of ASP Services, Daniel Smith: "Managing email is a speciality in itself, and there are very few businesses around that have the personnel and hardware to dedicate to the task of optimising their email system's effectiveness. For the vast majority of businesses, the email experience can be characterised as a costly and time-consuming headache everyone could well do without. But a much simpler and cheaper option is to outsource email.

"Due to our alliance with Sendmail, iomart can offer businesses of all sizes a secure, reliable and scalable email platform while at the same time enabling customers to retain close control over their individual needs."

Smith continued that by providing the ThinkMail mission critical email platform, iomart are allowing customers to focus on running their business instead of running their email. The twin attractions of reliability and security make outsourced mail management difficult to argue against. Not least in terms of human resources within a company's IT department where maintaining email systems across a network and at a string of remote sites is ever more frequently becoming a fire-fighting exercise.

By leveraging on iomart's pedigree email expertise, the vast majority of companies or public sector organisations will be applying an already tried and tested strategy they currently utilise in other areas of their operations, e.g. legal services, payroll, staff augmentation.

iomart's ThinkMail solution is a natural progression; the outsourcing of an IT service need to an outside company with specialist knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

Commented Smith: "By opting for iomart's ThinkMail you are turning your email over to the experts while your competitors are hunting down new technical talent and struggling with upgrades and configurations. Your IT team in contrast, are focussing on bringing new value to your bottom line instead of suffering to figure out and implement the email system.

"While every business could, if it wished, meet all its electricity needs by installing an on-site power generating plant, how many actually do when there are utility companies that can supply them more efficiently and cost-effectively? The same holds true of managing in-house email. Chances are your company is not an IT business, and that is the crux of the matter."