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iomart gains first mover advantage with ThinkMail

iomart Media Release - 2001-03-09

iomart Group plc ( have earned themselves an all important UK first mover advantage with the launch of ThinkMail, their secure email platform designed for mission-critical messaging.

Aimed at business, the professions, utilities and government, ThinkMail is a unique standalone email product developed by iomart to exploit an untapped market demand for secure and reliable email management in the UK and across Europe.

Backed by best of breed infrastructure from Sun, Cisco, and Hitachi, iomart goes to market with ThinkMail safe in the knowledge that outsourced email management is already a growth sector in the USA. Last year, an estimated 60 per cent of large US corporations contracted out management of their email systems, along with around 25 per cent of medium to small enterprises.

Now iomart plan to replicate that success in the UK and Europe where no other fully featured outsourced email platform exists, and daily the importance of email as a business communications channel is underlined.

Comments Daniel smith, iomart director of ASP Services: "The importance of first mover advantage cannot be overstated in the rapidly-paced IT market where the quickest to respond will reap the greatest rewards. We are moving into a huge space with a hot product and as first movers will not only have a substantial business advantage, but will make it extremely difficult for others to close the gap. We firmly believe there are compelling business reasons for adopting the outsourced email model, and the large scale email platform iomart have created is a robust and scaleable solution for business-critical email."

AIM-listed iomart has a proven track record in creating engaging IT solutions for the Internet and with ThinkMail have gained early market leadership in a sector set for rapid growth.

Said Smith: "iomart have built a large scale mission-critical email platform; arguably, one of the finest commercial platforms anywhere. This has given us a crucial lead in the UK and Europe and one that we will use effectively to leverage maximum advantage. Using only the best of breed hardware vendors such as Cisco, Sun and Hitachi and utilising iomart's expertise, we have the credibility necessary to successfully attack the exciting outsourced email market segment."

He explained that the mission of ThinkMail is to provide UK businesses with a secure email solution that is easy to configure, maintain and administer. iomart therefore invited enterprises to think about a more efficient way to conduct business and partner with the experts in internet technology by selecting iomart's ThinkMail hosted email solution.

"iomart has been creating compelling solutions for ebusiness since day one," continued Smith. "We fully recognise the impact email communications have on businesses. Therefore we have created a straightforward business internet service that is easy to understand and designed from the ground up with the customer in mind. It is our reason for being to remove the complexity and techno-speak out of ebusiness: you manage your business, we manage your internet solutions."