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Highly motivated, willing to learn and ready to work, the people of the Hebrides are amongst the best educated and well trained in the country, with one of the highest number of graduates per capita in the UK and a secondary school achievement record of double the national average.

There is a real sense of pride in the quality of work being achieved here and a strong commitment to completing work within agreed timescales.


The crofting and maritime traditions of the islands generated a multi-skilled, resourceful and adaptable people. Employers are able to draw on a remarkably wide range of skills, even in the most remote locations. Work Global manages a skills register which includes CVs of many highly qualified people based in the islands or wishing to relocate here. A pool of highly educated individuals who relish the opportunity to utilise their skills without leaving the islands. Appreciating training and development, they consider their job to be their career rather than a quick stepping stone to something different - resulting in low staff turnover.